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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 02 - 2002
Date: 2002

Journal: Pages 119-124

August 2002 | Ciga-X inhibits nicotine-induced human lung fibroblasts cytotoxicity andcraving for cigarettes…

Mi-Sun Kim1, Jong-Sik Jin1, Hyo-Jin An1, Do-Young Park2, Su-Jung Park2, Hyeong-Kyun Kim3 andHyung-Min Kim1,*



​Cigarette smoking contributes to lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, oral diseases, etc. In desireto reduce their risk of disease, many cigarette smokers have tried to quit smoking. Sensoryaspects of cigarette smoke are important for providing smoking satisfaction. Previously it wasreported that citric acid aerosol significantly reduced craving for cigarettes and enhances smokingreduction and cessation. In this study, we tested whether a newly combined product Ciga-X, anaerosol for cessation aid, had toxicity in human embryonic lung fibroblast (MRC-9). Theinhibitory effect of Ciga-X on cytotoxicity induced by cigarette smoke extract (CSE) or nicotinewas examined in MRC-9, and craving for cigarettes and smorkers satisfaction after using Ciga-Xwas estimated. Ciga-X did not affect cell viability and had no toxicity in MRC-9. Ciga-Xsignificantly inhibited not only CSE-induced cytotoxicity but also nicotine-induced cytotoxicity inMRC-9. One hundred and forty smokers rated the satisfaction for Ciga-X aerosol and cravingreduction for cigarettes after using Ciga-X. The percentage of over 5 rating was 71.0% and 50.0%of subjects in satisfaction test for Ciga-X compared to their own brand and in craving reductionfor cigarette, respectively. Besides, craving reduction for cigarette was highly correlated with theduration of smoking. Subjects have smoked under 10 years were more reduced in craving forcigarettes after using Ciga-X as compared to over 10 years (p=0.049). These results suggest thatCiga-X may be effective in promoting smoking abstinence with the reduction of CSE- or nicotine-induced human lung fibroblasts cytotoxicity.

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