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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 05 - 2005
Date: 2005

Journal: Pages 195-200

September 2005 | Study of moxibustion stimulation in the ovariectomized rat model…

Shigeyuki Kanai1,*, Norimasa Taniguchi1,2, Kayo Kanda1 and Izuru Matsuhata3



​In order to examine the effectiveness of moxibustion stimulation for climacteric disturbance, weadministered moxibustion stimulation to ovariectomized (OVX) rats, and compared the tailsurface temperature, laboratory parameters, and the level of locomotor activity with those ofuntreated rats. Twenty-four female Wistar rats (8 weeks old, 160 - 180 g) were divided into threegroups. The rats in the OVX-M group underwent moxibustion stimulation after ovariectomy. Therats in the OVX-C group underwent ovariectomy but did not receive moxibustion stimulation.The rats in the Normal group received neither ovariectomy nor moxibustion stimulation. Thelevel of locomotor activity was determined by a metabolism measuring system. The tail surfacetemperature was significantly lower in the OVX rats before moxibustion stimulation than in theNormal group. In the OVX rats before moxibustion stimulation, there was no clear difference inthe level of locomotor activity between the active and resting phases, and the pattern of locomotoractivity was irregular. After moxibustion stimulation, the tail surface temperature of the OVX-Mgroup did not significantly differ from that of the Normal group, and the pattern of locomotoractivity of the OVX-M group became diphasic with clear active and resting phases, similar to thatobserved in the Normal group. These results demonstrate that moxibustion stimulation iseffective for the treatment of climacteric disturbance.

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