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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 05 - 2005
Date: 2005

Journal: Pages 294-300

December 2005 | Anti-rheumatoidal effects of Uncaria Tomentosa and Maytenus by a prolongedapplication…

In-Sook Choi1, Takenori Yamashita1, Takashi Nakamura1, Toshihiro Maenaka2, Takeo Hasegawa1,Yuka Itokawa1, Torao Ishida2, Juong Gile Rhee3 and Yeun-Hwa Gu1,2,*



​Uncaria Tomentosa and Maytenus are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatoidaleffects after either a single application or application over a short-term period. We applied thesenatural products to Wister rats every day for two weeks and investigated the effects of this long-term application on inflammation. This was done by measuring footpad edema, which wasinduced by a locally injected carrageenan. There was a dramatic reduction in edema in bothU. Tomentosa- and Maytenus-treated rats; furthermore, the reduction lasted as long as three daysfor rats treated with U. Tomentosa. When the Balb/C mice underwent similar treatment for onemonth, the level of IgM in the blood of U. Tomentosa-treated mice decreased while the level of IgGin Maytenus-treated mice increased. This suggests that the long lasting effects of U. Tomentosa maybe related to a low level of IgM and the subclass switch from IgM to IgG. Since the anti-inflammatory effects of U. Tomentosa lasts for three days, it may prove useful in treatingrheumatoid arthritis when applied for an extended period of time, especially since this product isknown to have minimal side effects.

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