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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 05 - 2005
Date: 2005

Journal: Pages 336-346

December 2005 | A relationship between Stroke and Sasang Constitution in Korean…

Ho-Yeon Ko1, Chan-Yong Jun1, Jong-Hyeong Park1, Yoosik Yoon2, Sun-Dong Lee3, Chang-Ho Han4,Woo-Sang Jung5, Sang-Kwan Moon5, Ki-Ho Cho5 and Seong-Gyu Ko6,7,*



​Experts of Sasang Constitution Medicine of Traditional Korean Medicine have classified strokepatients with four types of Sasang constitutions in their clinical practice and some types of Sasangconstitutions have been regarded as risk factors of stroke, but this is uncertain because there wereno evidences by large scale of prospective studies. The purpose of this was to study theassociation between strokes and Sasang constitutions. Case-control study has been conducted tothe patients admitted to the research hospitals. The patients were confirmed stroke by brain MRIor CT scans and recruited from May 2003 to August 2005. The subjects who met the requirementof inclusion and exclusion criteria were 108 patients as the cases and 107 as healthy controls. Datacollection has been performed by the trained specialists majoring neurologists throughinterviews, physical examinations, and laboratory testes. No statistical significance was obtainedbetween the strokes and Sasang constitutions, yet Taeumin, and Soyangin types showed a trend ofincrease in the incidence of strokes as compared with Soeumin. To acquire more concrete data onthis theme, we need further and large scale of prospective researches.

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