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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 07 - 2007
Date: 2007

Journal: Pages 150-156

June 2007 | A study on wound healing activity of Bacopa monnieri Linn. aerial parts…

Tirtha Ghosh1,*, Tapan Kumar Maity2, Deepak Kumar Dash2 and Anindya Bose1



​Bacopa monnieri is being used in the traditional system of medicine for a variety of ailments. In thepresent study, the ethanolic extract of Bacopa monnieri aerial parts has been studied for its woundhealing activity using various models in rats. Significant increase in wound contraction and skinbreaking strength were observed in the excision and incision wound models respectively. Therewas also significant increase in hydroxyproline content, DNA content, superoxide dismutaseactivity, catalase activity, glutathione level and decrease in the level of thiobarbituric acid reactivesubstances in the 12th day post wounding tissue of experimental rats in the ethanol extract treatedgroups with respect to the control group. The effect of the extract was found to be comparablewith the standard drug nitrofurazone. From the results it may be concluded that the plant Bacopamonnieri is endowed with significant wound healing activity, thereby justifying its use in thetraditional medicine. Saponins may be responsible for the observed wound healing activity.

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