Analgesic effect of Clematidis Radix (CR) herb-acupuncture in a rat model ofpain and inflammation > Volume 07 - 2007

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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 07 - 2007
Date: 2008

Journal: Pages 501-508

February 2008 | Analgesic effect of Clematidis Radix (CR) herb-acupuncture in a rat model ofpain and inflammation…

Hye-Jeong Hwang1, Seung-Tae Kim1,2, Hye Jung Lee1,2, Young-Suk Kim3, In-Sop Shim4, Hi-JoonPark1,2, Won-Ju Choi5, Jang-Hyun Kim5 and Dae-Hyun Hahm1,*



​Anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of Clematidis Radix (CR)-distillates wereinvestigated in three different pain animal models. Highly purified distillate of CR was injected toZusanli (ST36) acupoint, called CR herb-acupuncture in the Korean traditional medicine. In tailflick latency test, the CR herb-acupuncture treatment did not show a significant effect of relievingacute phasic pain. To investigate the anti-inflammatory effect of CR herb-acupuncture,inflammatory pain was induced by subcutaneous injection of formalin to the plantar tissue orintra-articular injection of carrageenan to the tibio-tarsal joint in the rats. And the medicinal effectof CR herb-acupuncture was evaluated by analyzing pain behavior such as licking or bitingbehavior, or by measuring weight distribution ratio between two foot and ankle circumference. Inthe rat formalin test, the analgesic effect of CR herb-acupuncture was more pronounced in the latephase (for 20 min after the early phase) than in the early phase (for the first 10 min post formalininjection). It also significantly alleviated the carrageenan-induced monoarthritis, in terms ofweight distribution ratio and ankle edema. These results revealed that CR herb-acupuncture waseffective to treat the inflammatory pain and could be used as an analgesic treatment with an anti-inflammatory effect.

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