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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 08 - 2008
Date: 2008

Journal: Pages 17-23

March 2008 | Research on Traditional Chinese Medicine harmonising two approaches…

Leung Ping Chung*, Lau Tai Wai and Woo Kam Sang



​While full recognition of the practical value of Traditional Chinese Medicine is being endorsed,the current stand on the research methodology of this field should be worked out. Since modernmedicine has already developed a logical system of research methodology basing on theprinciples of deduction, any research on any system of medicine need to take reference to what ismost popularly used and commonly recommended. The best way to approach research onChinese Medicine, therefore, would be one that would take full reference to the methodologybeing used in modern medicine, while at the same time respecting the traditional approach. Thiswould enable traditional medicine to be elevated to the level of general modern recognition.Nevertheless, innate problems in traditional medicine are making its research difficult. Theproblems lie in difficulties to achieve uniform herb supply, principles of randomization andplacebo arrangements, uncertain chemical structures and toxicology etc. A practical approachcentered on carefully planned evidence-based clinical trials, with parallel studies on biologicalactivities and herb authentication is being recommended.

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