Antioxidant activities of Erythrina stricta Roxb.using various in vitro and exvivo models > Volume 08 - 2008

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Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
Volume 08 - 2008
Date: April 10, 2007

Journal: Pages 266-278

September 2008 | Antioxidant activities of Erythrina stricta Roxb.using various in vitro and exvivo models…

K AsokKumar*, M UmaMaheswari, AT Sivashanmugam, V SubhadraDevi, N Subhashini and TK Ravi



​Erythrina stricta, a deciduous tree widely used traditionally in indigenous system of medicine forvarious ailments such as rheumatism, fever, leprosy, epilepsy etc. The leaves of Erythrina strictawas extracted with ethanol (70%) and used for the evaluation of various in vitro antioxidantassays which includes H - donor activity, nitric oxide scavenging, superoxide anion scavenging,reducing ability, hydroxyl radical, hydrogen peroxide scavenging, total phenolic content, totalflavonoid content, total antioxidant activity by thiocyanate and phosphomolybdenum method,metal chelating, β-carotene bleaching, total peroxy radical assays. The pro-oxidant activity wasmeasured using bleomycin-dependent DNA damage. Ex vivo models like lipid peroxidation anderythrocyte haemolysis were also used to study the antioxidant property of the extract. Thevarious antioxidant activities were compared with suitable standard antioxidants such as ascorbicacid, butylated hydroxyl toluene, α-tocopherol, curcumin, quercetin and Trolox. The generationof free radicals viz. O2·-, OH·, H2O2, NO· and peroxyl radicals were effectively scavenged by theethanolic extract of Erythrina stricta. In all the methods, the extract offered strong antioxidantactivity in a concentration dependent manner. The total phenolic content, flavonoid content andtotal antioxidant activity in Erythrina stricta were determined as microgram (g) pyrocatechol,quercetin and α-tocopherol equivalent/mg respectively. The extract did not exhibit any pro-oxidant activity when compared with ascorbic acid. The results obtained in the present studyclearly indicates that Erythrina stricta scavenges free radicals and reduces lipid peroxidation,ameliorating the damage imposed by oxidative stress in different disease conditions and serve asa potential source of natural antioxidant.

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